Legion of Mary
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EMU Ballroom (University of Oregon), Eugene, OR
8 PM



Updated information based on official release. - jjupille on Nov 9, 2013

Embellished the setlist based on a show review. See notes. - jjupille on Aug 20, 2011

Changed song previously known as "Bossa Martin" to "Valdez In The Country". - jjupille on Sep 14, 2009

Jeff Harrison
Ryan Shriver
Joe Jupille
Ed K.

In 2013, everything but "The Harder They Come" was released on GarciaLive, volume three, Legion of Mary, December 14-15, 1974 – Northwest Tour (Round Records, JGFRR1003). The first song comes from a show review and an attendee account. "People Make The World Go Round" is not given in the tracklisting of the official release.

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