Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
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Keystone, Berkeley, CA

- Set 1 -
Harder They Come


Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders keyboards, vocals
John Kahn bass
Bill Kreutzmann drums
* represents standard lineup during this period, but may not be completely accurate for this show

Update notes to reflect what circulates for this show is mostly from 1/21/74 - ryanshriver on Sep 29, 2013

Added further note. - jjupille on Oct 8, 2009

Ryan Shriver
Matt Schofield

It turns out what circulates for this show is a mix of reels from 1/21/74 and 1/22/74. Specifically Harder They Come, When I Die and Pennies From Heaven are from 1/21 and the remaining songs are from 1/22/74.

This show has been mis-identified for years and it was always suspect (see below), this new date makes much more sense and it is easy to understand how someone transposed a "1" into a "7" years ago.

The Grateful Dead played Hollywood Bowl on 7/21/74, and one eyewitness places the end-time of that show at about 9pm. It's doubtful, but not impossible, that Garcia flew right back to the Bay Area to catch a late set with Merl. Even if they played together on this date, it almost certainly wasn't at the Keystone in Berkeley, which was headlining Moby Grape, with Earthquake opening. There's also the little matter of "When I Die" (initially designated "Jam #5" as a placeholder title), which appears twice here. It's possible that this was a gig at a more out of the way place such as the Sand Dunes (if this is, indeed, ca. July 1974) or The Generosity (if this actually dates, as one might conjecture, to the first half of 1975). See the JGMF post "JGMS: July 21-22," 1974, Keystone, Berkeley, CA" for more conjecture, and, for more on the Sand Dunes, "Jerry with Merl and/or Martin, ca. 1974, The Sand Dunes".


Recordings courtesy of db.etree.org and Lossless Legs
JGMS; flac1644; MSR > PCM > DAT > ZA2 > CDR (xx) > EAC > flac1644. Uncertain date, uncertain venue.

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