Aunt Monk
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The Generosity, San Francisco, CA



Added Robert Castelli/MOTB Recording. - jjupille on Jul 21, 2010

Changed first tune from "Instrumental" to "Little Bit of Righteousness". - jjupille on Nov 26, 2009

Corrected title of song previously listed as "Bossa Martin" to "Valdez In The Country". - jjupille on Sep 14, 2009

Added setlist, recording info and notes. - jjupille on May 5, 2009


The band is Aunt Monk. Not clear that this is the whole show, but it's what's on the tape that circulates. The first track was identified only as "Instrumental" until 11/26/2009, when it was changed to "Little Bit of Righteousness" based on a close listen to the studio version of that tune (from Merl's album Keepers). The LBOR theme is touched at the beginning, and then really comes out around 15 minutes in, as the song as winding down.

See JGMF for information/confirmation on band name, personnel, etc.

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