Robert Hunter and Comfort, Jerry Garcia Band
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Suffolk Forum, Commack, NY
8 PM

- Encore -
Rhapsody In Red



Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
John Kahn bass
Keith Godchaux keyboards
Donna Jean Godchaux backing vocals
Maria Muldaur backing vocals
Buzz Buchanan drums
* represents standard lineup during this period, but may not be completely accurate for this show

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Ryan Shriver
Marc Schaeffer
Harry Angus

Comfort and New Riders of the Purple Sage opened. Two sets (with a long set up times between acts). Maria Muldaur and Donna Godchaux trading off harmonies and twirling. Show attendee Craig Fields report show ended around 5am....another eye witness, Michael Izzo, reports, "We arrived at 2:30, gates opened at 7:30. The coolest crowd in the parking lot - no line or rush to the door, even though it was general admission with an open floor (no seats) - we got right up front. Robert Hunter Band, New Riders, then JGB with Keith and Donna, Bill drumming and also Maria Muldaur singing with ... See MoreDonna. We left at around 3:30 AM and I think the show went on until about 4:00ish. My first "Dead show", I was a H.S. sopohmore - what were our parents thinking??" Attendee J&S relates a similar experience: I was a HS freshman, managed to get tickets and went with a good friend and 2 girls...one of the girls older sister took us and got us seated in the press box (I have no idea how). I remember venturing down to the floor and hanging right in front of the stage for a while, then back up to the press box...no trouble at all, an amazing crowd. As I recall, NR's played until around midnight, then Jerry came on....we left the show around 3:30-4:00 am, and I recall hearing it went on until around 5:30 but not sure ...

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Suffolk Forum, Commack, NY 2/19/78

Ticket stub from show

Suffolk Forum, Commack, NY 3/12/78

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