Jerry Garcia Band
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Good Skates Roller Rink, Port Haven Music Hall, East Setauket, NY


Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
John Kahn bass
Melvin Seals keyboards
Gloria Jones backing vocals
Jaclyn LaBranch backing vocals
David Kemper drums
* represents standard lineup during this period, but may not be completely accurate for this show

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Andy Lemieux
Eric Schwartz
Joe Jupille
Lou Berrios
Rich Pawelczyk

This show was originally scheduled for the 14th but was postponed until the 16th. According to Rich Pawelczyk who attended the show, on the 14th the venue did not have the proper permits to do the concert, so it was postponed for two more days. Tickets for the 14th were honored at this show. There are ticket stubs for this show with both the 14th and 16th as dates.

Recordings courtesy of db.etree.org and Lossless Legs
flac1644; Recorded by The Weasel - "Da Weez"; Transferred and mastered to .wav file by D5scott; source: 2 Beyer M160 & 1 Sennheiser 421 Microphones (up front) > Nak MX100 w/2001> Sony TC-D5M (Dolby on) - analog master cassettes; transfer: Sony TC-D5M (original record deck - Dolby on) > Pre Sonus Inspire GT > Sound Forge > .wav files > Trader's Little Helper > flac and ffp files.

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SHN key is 109687
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Good Skates Roller Rink Port Haven Music Hall, East Setauket, NY 8/16/84 ticket

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