Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
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Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
8 PM


Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
David Nelson guitar, vocals
John Kahn bass
Sandy Rothman mandolin, dobro, banjo, vocals
Kenny Kosek fiddle
David Kemper drums
* represents standard lineup during this period, but may not be completely accurate for this show

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Jim Powell
Harry Angus

Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, David Nelson and Sandy Rothman acoustic... Benefit for Artists Rights Today...also on the bill according to Country Joe's website and the poster in the image section: Country Joe, Merle Saunders, John Cipollina and Problem Child, Nick Gravenites and Animal Mind, Maria Muldaur and Her Amazing Band, and Sal Valentino..."The artists' benefit thing was preceded by a few get-togethers that have been documented in various places. Here goes again, with apologies to any bored readers. I'd heard of Jerry's hospital stay (diabetic coma) from Deadheads in Japan while I was living there in 1986. The news precipitated an earlier return than I'd planned. I arranged a Black Mountain Boys (version 2) get-together at the Garcia home (read: Nelson and I got ourselves a nice dinner invitation from MG) that fall, with the idea that JG might enjoy hanging out with old friends (and maybe benefit from "remembering old things," which was MG's thought). We had lots of fun around the dinner table with them and the girls, then played a bunch of music. We—especially Jerry, after what he'd been through—joked about not being able to remember words to songs...then he surprised us by remembering verses we couldn't even get straight back in '64. Not long after that we were invited to "bring the instruments" to the GD staff Thanksgiving Party, our first informal gig together since 1964. We sang some trios and felt the old blend coming back. I'm not sure about get-togethers between then and when Jerry called about playing the art benefit, but we were staying in touch." (Sandy Rothman)

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Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. Source: AUD(mic's and taper unknown)>?>C>DAT>WAV>SHN. Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, David Nelson and Sandy Rothman, acoustic benefit for Artists Rights Today.

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Fillmore, San Francisco, CA 3/18/87 Jerry Garcia and John Kahn poster

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