New Riders of the Purple Sage
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Fillmore East, New York, NY
Early Show


David Nelson lead guitar, vocals
John Dawson rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia pedal steel guitar
Dave Torbert bass, vocals
Spencer Dryden drums
Mickey Hart drums
* represents standard lineup during this period, but may not be completely accurate for this show

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Harry Angus

John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals, David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals, David Torbert - bass, vocals, Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar, Mickey Hart - drums. Last Lonely Eagle cuts on Master Reel. Early set incomplete; songs listed above are all that exist on the master reel. ..From Deadlists (some edits): Early Show NRPS set with Garcia, pedal steel. This is about half their set -- all there is on the master. Before Last Lonely Eagle Marmaduke asks where's "Bobby Ace" -- probably Weir was a guest vocalist later in the set. Enterprising Fillmore East stagecrew patched a reel-to-reel machine underneath the stage into the PA feed and saved most of this show for us and eternity. They were busy setting up for the Early Show electric Dead set and blew their flip during the Early Show NRPS set, losing the second half of that set as a result, but the rest of this enormous evening's proceedings are recorded in their entirety. Here's the ticket stub.

Recordings courtesy of db.etree.org and Lossless Legs
MR > C > C > DAT > ZA2 > CDR > EAC > SHN These shns were taken from this version of the complete show with the Grateful Dead. These NRPS shns and MD5s are identical to those originally seeded as part of the complete Grateful Dead show on this date. They have only been renamed and formatted into this two disc set for this NRPS listing. Added to etree by Noah Weiner

Details on db.etree.org
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SHN key is 18397
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Fillmore East, New York, NY 5/15/70

Fillmore East, New York, NY 5/15/70 New Riders Of The Purple Sage ticket

Fillmore East, New York, NY program

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