Good Old Boys
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Margarita's, Santa Cruz, CA



Edited and updated listing (and deleted the listing for 2/20/75) based on post at Cryptical Developments blog. - jjupille on Jun 17, 2012

Added gig based on material at Lost Live Dead. - jjupille on May 31, 2012


Listings for Garcia with the Good Old Boys at "Margareta's" on February 20-21, 1975 appeared in the "Dennis McNally-Corry Arnold Jerry Garcia List" typescript (see Corry's history posted at JGMF). It is not known to me how it got there. There are now two eyewitness accounts. First, in comments at Corry's post on GD and Garcia in Santa Cruz. Commenter Hedley Kow reports that "Line-up of the Wakefield / Garcia / Nelson Margareta's [sic] show also included Pat Campbell on bass and Brantley Kearns on fiddle. Rumor has it there is a recording in existence." Second, the great "Cryptical Developments" blog has now posted lengthy analysis of this event in a post entitled "Jerry Garcia and his banjo in Santa Cruz 1973-75". That post forms the basis of this entry.

The setlist is fragmentary and not necessarily in order.

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