Time to exit stage right

A Jerry Band show in Hampton in 1993 changed my life. A Dead show earlier that spring had permanently altered my trajectory, but there was something different about the Jerry show for me. It was spiritual. A few cross-country Dead summer tours would follow and then, well, we all know how the story ended in August 1995.

Around that time I discovered live recordings, first cassettes and later DAT's. Live Jerry shows from the 70's were a particular favorite, first Jerry with Merl and later Legion of Mary. In time I would learn to love it all, from Old & In the Way to Jerry Garcia Band to Garcia and Grisman. Around this same time I was working at an Internet startup and learning to create web sites, so putting these together launched the jerry site in 1996.

I had a whole lot of help in the early days getting started, from setlist info posted to UC Berkeley's FTP server to a bunch of kind folks from the Deadlists project, who by that time I'd worked with helping them on getting their site published. I even spent a few weeks in the Bay Area making more connections and unearthing some never circulated recordings thanks to Linda Kahn. 

As my tape collection and career grew, so did the jerry site. For nearly 20 years it has been my muse. The site has connected me with thousands of Jerry fans from around the world, great people I both know through email but also in person.

But time changes and life moves on. Today I have two young kids, a full-time job and a growing career that all compete for my time. What once was a creative outlet is now a responsibility to keep running. After lots of deliberation I've come to the conclusion it's time to shut down the site. It's time to say goodbye and walk on to the next thing, whatever that may be but definitely something related to music and software - my two passions.

So what's a Jerry fan to do now? Here's a few options.:

Last year I donated all of my show info to Jerry Garcia's official site to help create a complete resource for Jerry's entire musical career. It's am amazing resource. I was fortunate to work with the team during the site design and happy it came the whole project came to fruition. For all the folks who donated new info to me over 18 years - thank you - your donation lives on forever as part of Jerry's legacy.

For the last few years Joe Jupille has kept the info on my site current and he's got his own blog Jerry Garcia's Middle Finger that is fabulous. Joe's writing the history of Jerry's career and his writings are a treasure. Similarly, Corry Arnold has a blog Lossless Legs that.

If you are looking for Jerry's catalogue of official releases, visit Matt Schofield's site Dead Disc. What started as a page on the jerry site turned into a wonderful resource for 

Finally, Harry Angus has been a big contributor to the site over the years has a blog Brokedown Palace provides a fascinating look at the venues Jerry played over his 30+ year career. 


It's bitter-sweet to be writing the closing chapter for the jerry site. But it's time to exit stage right and move on to whatever is next. Thank you, Jerry's fans, for all the emails of support and contribution over the years.

- ryan shriver